I wish I knew about ACEC earlier. We joined ACEC midway through the year and was worried about my child adapting to the new environment and teachers. The teachers were highly accommodating and very empathetic. They tailor their approach to the individual needs of each child. It is obvious they pour their hearts and souls for their students’ well-being and development. They focus on structure and routine, independence and self-confidence, and social interaction. Big bonus in our books is that the program teaches Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Math! My child has been thriving since we joined ACEC and we could not be happier. We highly recommend ACEC to all our friends and family.
Our family are very fortunate to come across this hidden gem in Markham. They focus on academic, discipline and building up the children’s confidences, which were all important to us. And most importantly the teachers genuinely cared for the children and attending them as if they were their own. Both my kids truly enjoy going to school every day and I’m grateful that my children is enable to start their academic journey in such an educational, fun and love-filled environment.
ACEC is an awesome place with dedicated and caring teachers. They know what my little one needs and look at each child as an individual with different strengths and needs. They helped my son potty-trained and taught him to be independent. They also provide a safe, clean and nurturing environment for learning and playing. The interaction with other children and teachers help my little one grow into a curious and well-mannered toddler who I’m really proud of. I feel so fortunate that my little one has such a wonderful place to learn, play and grow in his early years.

Moreover, my son doesn’t eat well at home but he loves the food in school. They make sure everyone has a full stomach and drink well, so we have no worries about him not getting enough nutrition. If they can provide dinner plan, I will be the first one to sign up!

I cannot say enough good things about Academia Concept. They have been really great with my 15 month old and he is always happy when we drop him off and pick him up. The staff is very friendly and caring towards my son and the facility is very clean.
It is more than just words that we want to show our biggest appreciation to the teachers of ACEC. Teachers, with years of experience, are very caring to all children and they not only focus on academic excellence but also emphasis on the importance of developing a positive personal character. Kids have great friendship with each other and have close bonding with every single teacher. We believe that having our kids to ACEC is one of the best decisions that we have made as parents, and we feel fortunate that our kids are part of ACEC.

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