About Us

ACEC takes into prime consideration about a children’s needs and their developmental stages, including physical, language, intellectual, social and emotional aspects. We also believe that learning is a process, best achieved through play and realistic experiences. Thus children should be given ample opportunities to participate in explorative activities, social interactions and diverse environment.

Based on this principle, ACEC developed a curriculum that embraces the following vision:

• Respect each individual’s uniqueness regardless of personality, age, ability or experiences.
• Provide a welcoming learning environment that supports each individual’s development and growth.
• Encourage learning through play, experimenting and exploration.
• Create opportunities to facilitate language and cultural development.
• Promote appropriate peer interactions through diverse communication skills

卓見是一所培育兒童的教育機構,由專業而有經驗的導師策劃多元化的課程,致力培養同學的邏輯思維,激發內在潛能,提升學習興趣,主動追求知識,追求卓越識見。我們重視栽培同學的學習態度,積極進取、主動學習、不屈不撓; 同時,我們的課程亦會融入情緒智能教育的訓練,提升同學和諧的人際關係技巧,達至全人教育的目標。同學在一個愉快而有紀律的學習環境下,發展潛能,開拓視野,增進知識 – 追求 真知卓見!

Academia Concept Educational Centre – We are a group of highly experienced and passionate teaching professionals who specializes in school age student education.

Our educational center provides summer camp, after school programs and Saturday tutoring classes in Cantonese/Mandarin, English, Math and Computers.

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    Please contact us if you have any questions about our school and daycare program. We'd love to help! Alternatively, you can reach us by phone 647-478-6788