J.K. and S.K. Program

The JK and SK program build upon the strong ACEC philosophy of student discipline and academic achievement. Our JK and SK program academic component (English and Math) level meet or exceed the Ontario SK and Ontario Grade 1 curriculum. The programs focus on building our students in all aspects.

Languages – English

Young children will develop into strong readers and writers in our positive and supportive learning environment. We focus on the foundational areas of literacy development:

• Alphabet letter knowledge/letter recognition
• Phonological (including phonemic) awareness
• Letter–sound correspondence (phonics)
• Concepts about print and books
• Oral comprehension and vocabulary (listening and speaking, receptive and expressive language)

Children will participate in weekly reading program and writing exercises. The children are immersed in a state of total reading, including grammar and syntax. Opportunities are provided for verbal and written self-expression. Children will develop literacy skills through activities, such as show and tell, presentation, group learning and individual study. The language program is integrated into all areas of classroom learning.

Language – Chinese

Chinese instruction time is part of our daily schedule, where student is taught on reading, writing, and conversational skills. We believe fluency and literacy in the mother tongue lay a cognitive and linguistic foundation for learning additional languages. We make every effort to provide children with educational activities that stimulate their physical, socio-emotional and cognitive awareness while contributing to their self-development in the Chinese language.


This program provides an excellent foundation and understanding of mathematical skills, always leading children from the concrete to the abstract. We provide an engaging and encouraging climate for children’s early encounters with mathematics in order to develop their confidence in their ability to understand and use mathematics. Our teachers guide children in seeing connections of ideas within mathematics as well as with other subjects, developing their mathematical knowledge throughout the day and across the curriculum.

Mental mathematics will be introduced to enhance flexible thinking and number sense. It also enables students to determine answers without paper and pencil, thus improves computational fluency by developing efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. We also focus on problem solving skill as it fosters multiple, creative and innovative solutions. It is our goal to create an environment where students openly look for, and engage in, finding a variety of strategies for solving problems. Students will learn to explore alternatives and develop confident and become cognitive mathematical risk takers.

Practical Life

ACEC has a strong emphasis on proper discipline and independence. Activities are exercises of daily living which assist children to refine motor skills while providing opportunities to take care of themselves and their environment. Students acquire grace, courtesy, and control of movement while learning to work independently, develop concentration, and prepare for future learning and specific subject areas.

Arts and Music

We believe early art experiences teach children to think openly, create new meaning, be more tolerant of others’ differences, and give them the courage to take risks. We provide lots of opportunity for children to learn various arts and music to support their creativity. Children will be exposed to creative arts programs, such as drawing, painting, drama, dance, movement, music and storytelling to encourage children to express ideas. We also encourage students to participate in many confidence-boosting events such as music concerts and performances.

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