Chinese Program – Cantonese and Mandarin

根據同學不同年齡的發展特徵,生活環境及需要,設計專業的教學內容, 如:

• 普通話家庭背景的同學,就比較注重聽說讀的課程。 針對土生背景的同學,就會注重在聽說口語上的訓練
• 訓練課程會通過兒歌,律動和故事的形式進行
• 分別開設個人或小組的方式施教,定期評估教學成效,以達到預期的效果
• 本中心的課程隨着聽、講、讀、寫四方面讓同學由淺入深循序漸進地學習,提高同學運用中文的能力
• 培養同學的專注、觀察、分析及解決問題的能力
• 鼓勵同學適當地運用正面的思想、情緒和行為,並能用語言表達出來
• 培養同學的自尊、自信及成就感
• 啟發同學的想像力、欣賞能力、並培養各方面的美感

本中心會鼓勵同學參予農曆新年表演、個人演說及才藝表演、歌唱、說故事、獨誦、對誦、集誦、畫畫、書法… 等不同的機會,讓同學們能發揮個人潛能,從而獲取經驗,增加自信心,為鞏固進一步學習中文的基礎

At ACEC, our Cantonese and Mandarin programs are designed to enhance practical vocabulary and conversational skills for everyday use.

We also promote many opportunities that support students on building their confidence, such as group & individual recitals. Not to mention the many Chinese cultural celebrations that students get to experience and enjoy.

Come join the fun!

Student support

At Academia Concept – we provide students support throughout the education cycle. Teachers closely monitor student progress and we encourage tight communication with parents. Furthermore, we provide weekly online mandarin recording via our website to help with in-home studying.

Group and Individual Recitals

Annually, we strongly support our students to participate in the Chinese recital competition.   We believe this is an excellent opportunity for our students to learn more about the Chinese language.   More importantly – this type of event will build student self-confident in public speaking which is a great asset for their future!

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