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Online Lesson Expectation

  • MICROPHONE:  Student is expected to communicate and interact with the teacher during every online lesson.   Therefore, student must have a working microphone!
  • CAMERA:  Student is required to enable their cameras during the online lesson.  The camera will enhance their learning experience and more importantly can increase student’s attentiveness.
  • QUIET AREA:  Student is expected to attend the online lesson in a quiet environment to respect the teacher and other fellow students.
    • Must have homework printed prior to attending the lesson.
    • Student is not expected to complete the homework before the lesson.
    • Homework is due before the next class (see more details below).
    • Teacher and Academia Concept reserve the right to remove the student from the online lesson if he/she becomes disruptive during the lesson.
    • The teacher will take attendance at the start of each class:  if the student fails to identify themselves with the teacher, the unknown student will also be removed from the lesson.  As we do NOT want to have strangers in our online classroom.


    • All homework will be available for download via the “STUDY AREA” on our website
    • Students must have the blank, printed homework in their hand when attending the online class
    • Homework will be ready for download two days prior to the class
    • DUE DATE:  Homework is due (via Email) back to Academia Concept the night (11:59pm) before the next class
      • For example: Sept 11, 2021 (Week 1) homework is due on Sept 17 (Friday evening)

Homework – “How to Submit”

  • Homework must be “Email” to:
  • MUST be submitted in a single PDF (not multiple files) for each lesson, per subject.  (There are many “apps” for iPhone and Android which will allow you to use the phone camera and create multiple pages into a single PDF file!   If you need help – please contact us!)

SUBJECT LINE!   When you submit the homework via Email, the subject line of the email is extremely important!   It will determine how the Email will be routed to the different teachers.    It MUST contain the course code + student name.

Failure to follow the simple rules above will result in homework not being marked.

Last Update:  Sept 3, 2021

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