Infant Program – 6 mo. to 18 mo.

It is truly amazing how much infants learn during the first year. From the moment they are born, they’re ready to learn and it is up to us to ensure we maximize each infant’s potential through stimulation. Rocking, holding, feeding, singing and playing are just few ways we are going to help your baby to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually. Our loving and nurturing atmosphere helps infants develop a sense of trust and autonomy. It also encourages curiosity and motivates learning. We also ensure your child’s development is monitored to ensure that the age appropriate milestones are being met. With time your infant becomes increasingly independent and will gain skills for successful transition to the toddler program.

Our infant program places a strong focus on the daily caring of the infants; emphasis on the balance of sensory activities, feeding, resting and stimulation activities.

Small group caring – we limit our program to a maximum of 10 infants, with a high supervision ratio of 3 teachers to 10 infants.

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