• Physical Distancing:
    • Encourage more physical space between children by:
      • Spreading children out into different “zone” within our large classroom;
      • Staggering, or alternating lunchtime and outdoor playtime; and,
      • Incorporating more individual activities or activities that encourage more space between children.


  • All staff and children will be screened prior to entry to the school. Anyone feeling unwell must stay home
  • All student, upon their first day of returning to school, much complete a COVID-19 self-declaration form
  • All staff will wear face-covering at all times within the center
  • Upon arrival, the student will be subject to the following measure:
    • Hand sanitized
    • Body temperature will be taken via a contactless method
    • Face covering (ie: disposable face mask) is allowed, however not recommended for young children

Rules and Measures

  • Zero tolerance – if student exhibit any symptom of sickness, at the sole discretion of ACEC, we will isolate student and request immediate parents pickup
  • Pick-up and drop-off of children are limited to the designated area at the entrance of the school; whenever possible parents will be asked to drop off immediately outside of our front door.  We do not want unnecessary traffic into our indoor space
  • To order to facilitate physical distancing, having one designated parent/guardian pick up and drop off each child only
  • No visitors ― only essential visitors are permitted entry into the school
  • Parents should not go past the front door screening area


  • Routine and frequent environmental cleaning before and opening
  • Only toys made of a material that can be cleaned and disinfected will be used
  • Increasing frequency of cleaning and disinfecting objects, toys and frequently touched surfaces
  • Performing proper hand hygiene (including assisting children with hand hygiene); and, incorporating additional hand hygiene opportunities into the daily schedule.

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